The year is 1984...

The year is 1984. Washed-up mechanic Chuck Carducci is contacted by an old roommate from his MIT days to team up on a new project using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. With salvaged electronics from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, high-performance van parts, and a plutonium-ion battery dubiously procured by a mysterious financial backer, Chuck builds a robot so human, yet so powerful, it can only be called VANDROID! Chuck puts everything he ever wished he was into Vandroid, and the robot now has a chance to fulfill his creator’s lost potential.

VANDROID the graphic novel is out now.

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“It’s one of the most fun reads of the year.  It will appeal to the 1980s action flick fan in everyone.” –

“You can’t help but love the big, explosive excess of it all. This is an 80s movie I wouldn’t mind seeing get a sequel.” – Comic Book Therapy

“Vandroid was a bitchin’ ride of high-tech, floppy disk grandeur, and made me harken back to such films as The Running Man, Terminator and a little bit of Mad Max.” – Forces of Geek

“This is damn good, unfettered fun in comic book form, and I’m glad as hell I saw it through to its neon-grid-framed end.”  –  Comic Bastards

“I’m glad Dark Horse took the time to put this out. If you’re like me and missed the mini-series and have a love of fast-paced sci-fi action you’ll want to pick this one up.” – What’cha Reading

“Vandroid is a great series that you should be reading.” – Unleash The Fanboy

“If you enjoyed the low-rent science fiction and action movies of the 1980′s with tough guys, big guns, and bigger hair, then you will love not only this book but the whole Vandroid experience…the book (and the project as a whole) doesn’t feel at all like mockery or satire but instead like a detailed, entertaining homage to a genre and a time gone by.” – Panel Patter

“We’re in vintage ’80s territory, where Greed creates monsters, enlists vulnerable creative egos to chase its sunk costs, and the result is destruction that can end only with Greed’s redemption or an awe-inspiring display of superior firepower.” – Comics Bulletin

“Vandroid has the charm and courage to swing for the fences, drawing on the familiar and evoking grainy oversaturated action movies of the 80’s without feeling like a hollow shell made of papier mache’d Terminator posters.” – Deadshirt

“The great thing about the humor in Vandroid is that despite poking fun at the signifiers of the decade…the creative team’s genuine affection for 1980s pop culture shows through in the work.” – The Comixverse

“Vandroid perfectly captures the fearful wonderment I’d feel as a kid when I’d walk down an aisle of the video store and stare at lurid VHS covers for movies my dad would never let me rent.” – Death-Ray Ozone